UCloud provides an intuitive graphical user interface to powerful interactive high-performance computing and tools for data analytics and visualization. UCloud offers an “Apps” section preloaded with popular applications and more applications can be customized and uploaded on-demand. UCloud gives researchers access to the computing power they need, when they need it.


UCloud comes equipped with advanced data analytics tools for data processing and visualization. With UCloud you can provision anything from bare-bone virtual machines available via terminal to complete software solutions in just a few seconds. The cloud infrastructure natively supports multitenancy, with a separation between data and computing resources. All cloud services are accessible via every type of device, from workstations to laptops and tablets.

UCloud makes it easy to share data with your collaborators in secure virtual environments. With UCloud you can create and manage virtual workspaces dedicated to your projects, to share resources and work together with your collaborators. There is no limit to how many projects you create and how many team members you have in your project.

Available capacity and how to apply for resources

There are a number of ways to utilize UCloud.

Trial resources

Each user at UCloud have a limited fixed amount to try the platform. This includes trial storage capacity and a small amount for starting virtual machines. This is a one time fixed allowance that allows you to try the platform.

Apply for further resources

We have a fixed amount of resources available for utilization. To apply for these you will need to apply through the Grant Application process in UCloud.

Before applying for ressources, please investigate that the platform has the applications nescessary for your research.

The resource is available to all researchers at AAU.

You must Report on usage of UCloud

All usage of UCloud beyond the initial trial resources must be reported according to an agreement. This will allow for the tracking and justification of the service. As part of applying for resources you will receive an identifier that must be referred in articles and the like where UCloud has been utilized. More about this requirement for reference is available at DeiC.