Strato Compute Cloud

The cloud is based on CPU and GPU components that enable you to solve both generic and specific computational problems using virtual machines. This can be for both short-term problem solving, as well as matters that take a long time to run.

The cloud is easily configurable to be targeted towards specific types of problems. Theres AMD and Intel type CPUs and NVIDIA T4 GPUs and you can adjust on computational power needed, memory allocated etc. to fit the scientific demand

The compute cloud is directly connected to our storage cloud that provides a very fast and reliable access to storage capacity.

Get access to the cloud

The service is available from the interface Strato-new, where you can get access to spin up virtual machines for research. You can read more about how to get started here with Strato.

Why cloud?

You might wonder about the term "cloud", when it is an on-premise (campus) solution for AAU. In this case, "cloud" refers less to location, and more to the way it is built. In our case, we use cloud technology and software for building a flexible and configurable environment. We use OpenStack as configuration environment for the compute cloud.

Extend the cloud with your own hardware

If your research group, department, or similar, has special requirements for the capacity or capabilities of the cloud, we offer a buy-in option. You might compare it to a cooperative association. You can buy physical machines for the cloud that subsequently will be configured as part of the overall cloud, in such a way that you are granted exclusive right to usage when requested, while other users can use the machines as any other machine in the cloud. However, you will benefit from the easy configuration options and the overall support that is available.



Current status on services

You can check for known issues on the webpage for current status on available services.