High Performance Computing

Staffs and to some extend students, have access to a range of platforms outside AAU


The Danish Universities have joined computing power such that e.g., users at AAU can access computing faciltiies at other universities. In-particular under DeiC

  • Type 1 - DeiC Interactive HPC: focus on interactive computing with easy access for new users. The platform provides a range of applications thats already installed. This platform is usually the first stop if the problem does not fit on you laptop/desktop, you have to many problems, or you would like to release your work computer for these computations. You can access the UCloud platform here. The platform includes documentation. You will get 1000DKK credit, but you can apply for additional credits (payed by the university) to use on the platform or if you need to use licensed software (MATLAB and COMSOL). Both students and staff has access to this platform.

  • Type 2 - DeiC Throughput HPC. These systems offers multiple node computations to achieve a high number of cores. There are three platforms in this type: Computerrome 2 specialized for life-science research with a higher degree of security then the others, and GenomeDK and Sophia. To get access or more information, please write to support@its.aau.dk

  • Type 5 - LUMI pre-exascale Capability HPC. LUMI is a supercomputer in Finland. Theres both CPU and AMD GPUs in the system. Denmark is a partner in the consortium and AAU users will have compute resources on the platform. It will be accessible in 2022. 

AAU users do not have access to Type 3 and 4 DeiC HPC resources.


DeiC is a member of the EuroHPC partnership. To get access, you need to apply for computing resources using the published calls.