JupyterHub (Strato Cloud)

JupyterHub is a multi-user server for Jupyter Notebooks. It is designed to support many users by spawning, managing, and proxying many singular Jupyter Notebook servers.


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Documentation/help on the use of JupyterHub


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More about accessing JupyterHub at Strato

The cloud is based on CPU and GPU components that enable you to solve both generic and specific computational problems using virtual machines. This can be for both short-term problem solving, as well as matters that take a long time to run. The cloud is easily configurable to be targeted towards specific types of problems. Theres AMD and Intel type CPUs and NVIDIA T4 GPUs and you can adjust on computational power needed, memory allocated etc. to fit the scientific demand The compute cloud is directly connected to our storage cloud that provides a very fast and reliable access to storage capacity.


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