Expose your research data at VBN

Expose your research data at VBN

There are many ways to expose your research data, but always make sure that you register them in VBN. This will ensure that your research data is exposed in your personal profile, the department page etc. And data sets can be linked to publications etc.

Last modified: 05.07.2019

VBN has more than 500.000 visitors each year, so exposing your research data production makes sense. It will be exposed when people either visit VBN directly, or when VBN is harvested and exposed through library search engines and the like.

Registrering a data set is a easy as it is to register a publication. VBN also utilizes a tool named DataMonitor. This scrapes the most commonly used repositories for datasets and makes an automated registration at your profile in VBN. Note that this requires a match, eg. at your ORCID, to happen automatically.

Visit the detailed guide on how to expose datasets through VBN.


Below are some examples of data sets in VBN

Go to list of all data sets in VBN

FAQ for data sets in Pure

Below we have collected some of the questions that we hear most often - and the answers.

VBN ask for a publisher for a data set

If you have published your dataset through a portal, a publisher or the like, you can link this here. If you are in doubt what to write, write and select "Aalborg University".

What is automatically discovered by DataMonitor?

The tool Data Monitor automatically harvests from a number of sources. View list of repositories indexed by DataMonitor.

Can I publish data set through VBN?

It's possible to publish datasets in VBN, but often it's more feasible to publish in a dedicated repository for research data. If you upload your data to VBN, there is a 5 GB limit.

Should I register unpublished datasets?

Yes, please do. Publishing information about dataset can be a perfect invite for other people to contact you about the options for collaboration etc.

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Day-to-day support

Day-to-day support

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